Alan Kent KC

Call 1986 | Silk 2009

"A barrister with an understated style, who's very diligent and highly conscientious."

Chambers & Partners [2024]

"Alan Kent is at the top of his game. He has the right level of experience and enthusiasm to ensure that he does the best job for our clients."

Chambers & Partners [2024]

'Alan is a hugely experienced silk who demonstrates a master class in effective and piercing cross-examination. He has a calm confident demeanor that instills confidence. He is a clever and charismatic advocate who commands the courtroom and enthralls the jury.'

Legal 500 [2024]

"Very hard-working and very smart."

Chambers & Partners, 2023

"Alan is an excellent advocate, has great client care skills and prepares the case thoroughly. Quite simply is a Rolls Royce KC."

Legal 500, 2023

“A Rolls Royce Silk”

Solicitor, 2022

What particularly impressed me was his team ethic, listening to the opinion of others and making a decision based on the views of all along with his unquestionable experience in case presentation. Alan is fantastic on his feet and has a calm and measured tone, with an ability to be agile in his thinking when under pressure as evidence develops. He was a superb advocate, putting the witnesses at ease and getting the best evidence from them. I would have no hesitation with working with Alan again and would certainly recommend him to colleagues.


Alan is a solid and dependable advocate whose incisive cross examination and powerful closing speeches make him a very popular choice for defence solicitors and prosecuting agencies.

"Alan Kent QC is my go-to QC for any serious or complex case. He never fails to impress with his closing speeches and his easy rapport with juries and judges alike makes him one of the most effective advocates in the business. In a crowded market of Silks in London, Alan stands head and shoulders above the majority."


"It has been a long time since I was so impressed by a Silk."


"The best decision I made was to instruct Alan to defend in the case."


"His calm, unflappable approach instantly creates confidence."

Legal 500 2021

"People listen to him when he talks."

Chambers & Partners 2022

"Ranked as a leading Silk in crime."

Chambers & Partners 2021


Alan specialises in homicide. He had conducted hundreds of murder trials, acting for the Prosecution and the Defence throughout the country. A true, all-round advocate who can always see the ‘other side’.

Alan’s practice comprises of murder cases, ranging from single handers to multiple defendants in gang related cases. He has considerable expertise and is regularly instructed in the most difficult and complex murder cases in the UK. He is a very busy and popular Silk who, as one solicitor clients puts it, has an, “inclusive nature and relentless calmness which is both refreshing and very welcome. We do not see those qualities enough.” [2020]

In October 2020, Alan conducted one of the longest murder trials held in the covid era, defending in an 8-handed murder at Nottingham Crown Court. The case concerned a drug related, revenge murder by a criminal gang on a rival gang.

Notable Crime cases

R v RW-R and others

Coventry Crown Court: Conspiracy to Murder
Murder: Manslaughter

Alan represented 18-year-old RWR at Coventry Crown Court. Following a 5-week trial, Alan’s client was the only defendant to be found Not Guilty of Murder or Manslaughter.

In April 2023, the four defendants, together with others, terrorised a family in Birmingham following a long running dispute that led to tit for tat stabbings and criminal damage. The defendants went to the intended victim’s home on three consecutive nights, armed with machetes, Rambo knives and a gun. They smashed every window at the front and the back of the house on each occasion and on the second occasion, they set fire to cars belonging to the family.

On the day of the murder, the four defendants were driving a stolen car in Birmingham. They were armed with machetes and were wearing face coverings. Upon seeing the intended victim’s car at a KFC drive through, they rammed the car. There followed a car chase during which the defendants repeatedly rammed the victim’s car until they ran it off the road. The intended victim ran from the car, only to be pursued on foot by the defendants. They were armed with machetes and were shouting ‘kill him’. The intended victim got away. However, his 50-year-old father, who had been with him in the car was also chased by some of the gang and he was stabbed in the chest and killed.

The police investigation involved viewing hundreds of hours of CCTV footage and a careful analysis of telephone and cell site evidence.

Alan was instructed by Sinead Preedy of Salhan & Co Solicitors.

R v CE

Maidstone Crown Court: Murder

Following a 4-week trial at Maidstone Crown Court, Alan Kent KC’s client was found not guilty of murder. The defendant had travelled to Dartford to collect a debt. He was armed with a small flick knife. During a confrontation, the defendant stabbed the deceased in his leg. He ran away but the deceased chased him into an alleyway. The deceased was armed with a ‘Zombie’ knife. During the fight, the deceased was stabbed in the heart.

The case required expert analysis of thousands of pages of telephone evidence and involved expert evidence relating to the interpretation of street / gang slang language.

Alan was instructed by Karamjit Singh of Holborn Law.

R v NT and others

Murder: Conspiracy to Rob

Following a lengthy trial in Sussex, Alan’s client NT was found Not Guilty of Murder and Manslaughter. NT was amongst a group of 12 men from Essex who travelled at night to Tunbridge Wells to rob a cannabis grow. A residential house was rented by an Albanian OCG which they converted into a cannabis farm. When the defendants arrived, the premises was occupied. A fight broke out and one of the Albanian gang members was stabbed to death.

In total, 3 men were convicted of murder, 4 of manslaughter and the remaining defendants were convicted of Conspiracy to Rob.

Of particular note was that NT had a previous conviction for Manslaughter and was said to be one of the principal organisers of the raid.

Alan was instructed by Isabel Corrigan of Clarke Kiernan solicitors.

R v TB and others

Old Bailey: Murder

Alan defended TB who was 14 years old when he was arrested for Murder.

TB and two older youths were jointly accused of murder. Following an altercation on a bus with the victim, it was alleged that the three defendants armed themselves with a knife, a motorbike chain and a bottle and went looking for the deceased. They were accused of lying in wait behind a parade of shops to attack him. TB was the first to approach the victim and threw a bottle at him. One of his co-defendants swung the chain at the victim and the other defendant stabbed him in the chest.

TB was found Not Guilty of Murder but Guilty of Manslaughter.

The two co-defendants were both convicted of Murder.

Alan was instructed by Lisa Connell of Macauley Smith Solicitors.


R v JA and others

Old Bailey: Murder Violent Disorder

Alan defended JA who was accused with 3 others of murder and violent disorder.

Following a 4 week trial at the Old Bailey, JA was found Not Guilty of all charges. The other defendants were all convicted of murder.

On 3rd June 2022, JA was stabbed in the leg. It was believed by at least one defendant that Adnan Saleh was involved in the stabbing. JA was accused of setting up Saleh in revenge by luring him to is death. It was alleged that, together with his co-defendants, he arranged for Saleh to meet them, whereupon he was attacked by a group of others, two of whom were armed with knives.

The planning was alleged to have taken place via telephone and the Crown relied on telephone data. The killing was recorded on good quality CCTV and the defendant’s movements before and after the killing were all important to show association before, and disassociation following, the killing.

All the defendants and the deceased were associated together and with the Lisson Green Men Gang. Each had convictions for violence, drugs and weapons offences, and the Crown sought to rely upon evidence from a ‘Gang’s’ officer. The Crown made an application to adduce evidence of bad character and evidence of gang association.


R v SA-B and others

Old Bailey: Murder; Conspiracy to Cause GBH, Robbery:

Alan defended in a multi handed ‘gang’ murder allegation at the Old Bailey. The trial lasted for 3 months. The defendants were accused of taking part in a ‘ride out’ to avenge an earlier stabbing of one of their friends.

A group of 8 youths called a taxi using a ‘drugs line’. When the taxi arrived, the driver was forced out of the car at knifepoint. A zombie knife was held to his throat. His phone was taken and thrown away. Alan’s client then drove the car to three separate addresses. CCTV at the second address showed 8 individuals, armed with machete’s, zombie knives and other weapons outside an address. They did not gain entry, ran back to the vehicles and drove to a third address. CCTV showed all 8 entering the premises. The victim was a 16 year old. He was stabbed to death in front of his mother. The group fled. They were identified by police using cctv, cell site, telephone evidence and social media. The main issue in the case for Alan’s client was intention. He did not give evidence.

Alan’s client was found Not Guilty of Murder, Manslaughter and two counts alleging a conspiracy to cause GBH with intent. He was convicted of a single count of robbery.

Alan was instructed by Clint Ambrose from Cambrose Solicitors.

R v DK and 3 others

Old Bailey: Murder
Represented the 1st defendant in a multi handed gang related murder allegation. The defendants were all associated with a gang from Croydon. Whilst in Streatham they were spotted by two members of a rival gang who were in an Uber on their way to Brixton. They stopped their journey and approached the defendants. The two groups were seen talking before the victim’s associate withdrew a sword that he had hidden in his clothing and attacked the 1st defendant. All defendants and the victim then produced machetes and zombie knives and attacked each other. People on both sides were stabbed. The defendants chased the victim and his associate along the road before the 1st defendant stabbed the victim in the chest. The whole incident was captured on CCTV. The defendant claimed that he acted in self-defence, and we applied to adduce evidence of gang affiliation of the deceased and his associate. Following a 6-week trial, all defendants were found not guilty.

R v CM and others

Maidstone Crown Court: Manslaughter

Alan defended a 15 year old who was accused of manslaughter. Together with 3 other youths, Alan’s client was accused of chasing a man who owed a drug debt. The victim jumped over some fences and disappeared. The following morning his body was found at the bottom of a chalk pit that adjoined the garden of the last fence that he jumped over. The issue was causation. Following legal argument based on an analysis of the used and unused material, the trial judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence for the case to proceed to a jury.

Alan was instructed by Karamjit Singh of Holborn Law.

R v MB and others

Nottingham Crown Court: Conspiracy

Alan defended in a multi handed conspiracy to supply firearms with intent to endanger life. The trial lasted for 6 weeks. Alan’s client was accused of playing a leading role in the conspiracy. Legitimate imitation firearms were purchased and were then converted into live firearms which were supplied with live ammunition and in some instances, with a silencer attached.

Alan was instructed by Matt Goode, ABR Solicitors, Leeds.

R v JB and others

Lewes Crown Court: Murder

Defended one of three young men who attempted to steal a cannabis grow in a remote countryside location. Unknown to the defendants, a man was asleep in a van. He disturbed them. He was attacked and killed by one of the defendants. Two defendants pleaded guilty to Manslaughter. Alan’s client pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and the Prosecution did not proceed with the allegation of murder.

Alan was instructed by Wannops Solicitors.

R v KV

Reading Crown Court: Murder

The defendant was with two friends on a train. They were playing loud music. A passenger complained which led to an issue between them. A heated argument broke out which was defused by off duty police officers. When the train arrived at Reading Station, Alan’s client hit the deceased over the head with a horseshoe that he had been carrying in his back pack.

Alan was instructed by Paul Turnbull at MMA Solicitors.

R v DW

Reading Crown Court: Murder
Prosecuted a Polish National who killed a former police officer who worked for the Canal and Rivers Trust as an enforcement officer. The defendant and his partner had a recent history of complaints about the canals in general and when the defendant saw the victim putting an enforcement notice on a neighbouring boat, he began an argument with the victim before attacking him. He punched him then held him underwater until he drowned. The defendant ran away but was found by police some 12 hours later, hiding beneath a horsebox in a field.
Following his arrest, fingerprint evidence revealed that the defendant was living under an assumed identity and was wanted by Interpol. He had previously been convicted of a double murder in Poland and escaped from prison, 14 years into his sentence. He disputed his identity throughout the proceedings.

R v CL

Isle of Man: Rape and Indecent Assault
Defending: The defendant was accused of multiple allegations of rape and indecent assault of his girlfriend. The evidence centred around coercive control and manipulation leading to submission to sexual intercourse on some occasions and forced sexual intercourse on others. The evidence featured hundreds of messages between the couple as well as recordings that were made.

R v ST

Lewes Crown Court: Murder
Defending: The defendant was an Iranian national who had developed a drug habit. His marriage broke down and he was accused of mistreating his wife. His mental health deteriorated, and he wanted to return to Iran but did not have enough money. He contacted his supplier, and it was alleged that he then attacked and killed him before ransacking his home and stealing money and drugs. Issues of self-defence and loss of control were raised at the trial which also involved DNA, CCTV and telephone evidence.

R v PB

Croydon Crown Court: Murder
Defending: The defendant suffered from psychosis. He entered a block of flats in South London and attacked the occupants. They did not know each other, and the defendant was a stranger to the area. He beat and stabbed the victim to death, inflicting multiple injuries with a variety of weapons. Psychiatrists gave evidence relating to the issue of whether the psychosis was induced by consumption of illicit drugs.

R v DI

Preston Crown Court: Murder
Prosecuted a man for the murder of a former CPS lawyer from Liverpool. The victim answered the defendant’s advertisement for sexual services. The defendant travelled from London to Liverpool for the sole purpose of committing a murder. He arrived at the victim’s house and immediately attacked him with a hammer before ransacking his home and stealing various items to sell. The defendant was traced to London through a thorough nationwide examination of CCTV evidence from trains, buses and local authority cameras. Telephone evidence enabled investigators to locate the defendant in a hotel in West London where he was arrested and property that belonged to the deceased was recovered. DNA attributable to the defendant was found at the victim’s home and the victim’s DNA was recovered from some of the items found when the defendant was arrested. He pleaded guilty to murder.

R v LP and 2 others

Old Bailey: Murder
Defended a 16-year-old at the Old Bailey who was accused of participating in a revenge, gang related murder. The Prosecution accepted a guilty plea to perverting the course of justice. The defendant was involved with a gang in West London and was initially arrested on suspicion of carrying out a shooting in retaliation for the previous stabbing of a gang member. The defendant was later charged with joint enterprise murder as it was alleged that he supplied a change of clothes to the gunman, that DNA attributed to him was recovered from a shell casing and he later set fire to the car that was used by the killers. The case involved a large and complex telephone schedule as well as CCTV and DNA.

R v C and 7 others

Old Bailey: Murder
Prosecuted multiple defendants in two separate trials at the Old Bailey that involved a drive by shooting of innocent civilians. The murder was gang related activity. The case involved thousands of hours of CCTV and the largest number of telephones seized and examined during a homicide inquiry. The two trials lasted for 6 months.

R v CM

Lewes Crown Court: Attempted Murder.
Defended a man who was accused of attempted murder. The defendant was suffering from psychosis. He believed he was on a training mission with the SAS and attempted to find the helipad at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. He stabbed a health worker multiple time. The incident was thought to be terror related, causing the hospital to shut down for many hours. The defendant was found NG by reason of insanity.

R v M and others

Nottingham Crown Court: Murder
Alan defended the 7th defendant who was alleged to have brought weapons in a drug related retaliation murder. One of the defendants was assaulted by a rival gang in Nottingham who took control of the flat that some of the defendants had been using to supply drugs. The defendants travelled from Birmingham and attacked the occupants of the flat, killing one when he jumped out of the window and tried to run away. He was attacked with at least on machete, which almost severed his foot.

R v D and P

Lewes Crown Court: Murder
Prosecuted two defendants for killing their supplier in a row over drugs in Brighton. It was alleged that they lured him to their flat on the pretext of buying drugs. However, as soon as he arrived, he was attacked and was beaten and stabbed to death

R v D

Reading Crown Court: Murder
Defended a Polish National who kicked and punched a stranger to death. The assault was captured on CCTV. He Pleaded guilty to Manslaughter.

R v SD

Old Bailey: Murder
Prosecuted the remaining defendant at the Old Bailey in a 5 handed murder. The Court of Appeal had quashed his initial conviction. It was a gang murder that led to the convictions of all 5 defendants.

R v JT

Nottingham Crown Court: Murder
Represented a 17-year-old who stabbed his friend to death during an argument.

R v ST

Nottingham Crown Court: Murder
The defendant was a vulnerable young man with mental health issues who was in a secure unit in the months leading up to the trial. He had been bullied over the years and, during a fight, he stabbed his brother to death. It was a difficult and sensitive case for the family, especially their mother as she was called by the Prosecution to give evidence.

R v JC and 1 other

Lewes Crown Court: Murder The defendant was accused of being jointly responsible for the murder of a man who was stabbed to death in Haywards Heath. The co-defendant inflicted fatal stab wounds and it was suggested that the defendant assisted in the killing. He was found Not Guilty following a 3-week trial. The solicitor that instructed Alan said ‘My best decision was to instruct Alan to defend JC.

R v D and 1 other

Sheffield Crown Court: Murder
Defended a 72-year-old woman at Sheffield Crown Court who was jointly accused with her son of murdering a man following a long-standing dispute between them. Issues were lack of involvement and joint enterprise. R v Scott and Carol Dawson. Her appeal against sentence was successful and her minimum term was reduced by 11 years.

R v M and 2 others

Wolverhampton Crown Court: Murder
Prosecuted three defendants for the robbery and murder of a man in his own home. Issues centred around DNA, telephone evidence, CCTV evidence, involvement, participation and joint enterprise. CCTV footage showed one of the defendants scaling the wall to break into the victim’s flat through the window.

R v LG and 3 others

Liverpool Crown Court: Murder
Defended a 26-year-old who was accused of being jointly responsible for murder. The victim stole a moped from outside the flat of some drug dealers. They left the flat, gave chase in car, forced him off the road then chased and stabbed him to death. The defendant’s DNA was recovered from one of the murder weapons that was found nearby. Issues included a careful examination of DNA evidence, CCTV, telephone and joint participation.

R v LB

Reading Crown Court. Murder
The defendant believed that his wife was being unfaithful, and she wanted a divorce. In the early hours of Boxing Day morning, he armed himself with a knife while she slept and repeatedly stabbed her. One knife broke, so he returned downstairs, obtained another knife and continued his attack. He pleaded guilty to murder.

R v L and 3 others

Old Bailey: Conspiracy to Commit GBH
Defending in a 4 handed conspiracy to commit GBH and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. The defendant was accused of being on a ‘ride out’ with other gang members, seeking to attack members of an opposing gang in East London. A member of the public saw a group of men armed with a gun and machetes and called the police. The police saw the defendant’s car and gave chase, firing shots from their car towards the fleeing defendant’s car. The chase and the gunfire was recorded on the internal system of the police car. When the car was brought to a halt, the occupants were wearing masks and had a variety of weapons in the car.

R v I and 4 others

Old Bailey: Murder
Prosecuted 5 youths at the Old Bailey for the murder of a 17-year-old youth. Issues involved DNA, identification, CCTV evidence, telephone cell site evidence and joint enterprise. The defendant’s robbed a woman of her car to use in a ‘ride out’. They drove to the area of a rival gang where they saw the deceased. In what is thought to have been a case of mistaken identity, they ran him down in the car. He got up and ran for his life. They chased him in the car and when they caught up with him, they repeatedly stabbed him.

R v CS

Lewes Crown Court: Double Murder
Defended a man who stole a loaded firearm from a rifle range in Hastings before travelling to the home of his estranged wife. He shot his way into the house through a window and shot and killed her, her mother and the family dog.

R v MT

Old Bailey: Terrorism
Defended a client at the Old Bailey who was accused of being a member of ‘National Action’ post proscription. He was linked to a conspiracy involving his co-defendant to murder a sitting MP. Two juries failed to reach verdicts in the case of MT.

  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Sussex Bar Mess (Chairman 2010-2019)


Chambers & Partners
Crime: “Alan Kent is at the top of his game. He has the right level of experience and enthusiasm to ensure that he does the best job for our clients.”  “A barrister with an understated style, who’s very diligent and highly conscientious.”
Ranked: Band 2

Legal 500
Crime: Alan is a hugely experienced silk who demonstrates a master class in effective and piercing cross-examination. He has a calm confident demeanor that instills confidence. He is a clever and charismatic advocate who commands the courtroom and enthralls the jury.’
Ranked: Tier 3


Chambers & Partners
Crime: “Very hard-working and very smart.”
Ranked: Band 2

Legal 500
Crime: ‘Alan is an excellent advocate, has great client care skills and prepares the case thoroughly. Quite simply is a Rolls Royce KC.’
Ranked: Tier 3


Chambers & Partners
Crime: “People listen to him when he talks.”
Ranked: Band 3

Legal 500
Crime: “A very smooth advocate, who is calm under pressure and extremely jury friendly.”
Ranked: Tier 3


Chambers & Partners
Crime: “An excellent jury advocate who is well respected by judges and other counsel. He is especially strong at murder cases.” “An excellent prosecutor.”
Ranked: Band 3

Legal 500
Crime: “His calm, measured and unflappable approach instantly creates confidence.”
Ranked: Tier 3

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