Zayd Ahmed

Zayd Ahmed

Call 2018

"Zayd got me my freedom. He took his time explaining and taking my instructions, he asked the right questions and ultimately I was vindicated. Thank you Zayd. I would not hesitate in instructing him or recommending him."

Mr Miah- Direct Access client

"Zayd could not come more highly recommended. He gets into the facts, knows the law and how to apply it and most importantly leaves no corner unturned. I have great confidence in his ability and am reassured that my clients are in safe hands."

Mr Hussain - instructing solicitor

"Zayd Ahmed is a great advocate and has achieved fantastic results for my clients at trial, beyond what was expected. He is always thoroughly prepared, approachable and is very knowledgeable of the law. I have had excellent feedback from my clients and have no hesitation in instructing him."

Chandra Solanki, Associate Solicitor at EBR Attridge


Zayd has represented a number of people charged with an array of criminal offences from serious violence and sexual offences to drug conspiracies and low level thefts. Zayd accepts instructions in criminal matters at all levels. Zayd is commended for his attention to detail and his jury advocacy and ensure no corner is left unturned.

Notable Crime cases

R v DD - Maidstone Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed secures acquittal in record time for an offence of violence during a football match which caused the complainants teeth to fall out requiring surgery. Zayd Ahmed successfully argued self defence in a trial at Maidstone Crown Court where 11 witnesses were called to give evidence of a “vicious and deliberate assault” during a football game. Zayd argued the accused held an honest and genuine belief he was going to be attacked and struck the complainant causing the injuries including a tooth falling out and another tooth being dislodged.The jury found the accused not guilty after only 19 minutes.

R v R – Snaresbrook Crown Court

Zayd successfully defends client for robbery where the issue was ID. After the close of the prosecution case, Zayd made a submission of no case to answer on the basis that the evidence taken at its highest was insufficient. The judge accepted the submissions, and his client was found not guilty.

R v AR - Southwark Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed successfully represents defendant charged with possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs at Southwark Crown Court. The defendant was stopped in a vehicle where a large quantity of cocaine, heroine and cannabis were found on the defendant and in the vehicle. Zayd made a successful submissions after the service of his clients defence statement. Additionally he made an application to introduce non-defendant bad character material. This triggered a review by the CPS which resulted in early not guilty verdicts prior to trial. This approach confirms the importance of continual review of the evidence. Zayd was Instructed by Advicewise Solicitors.

R v AK - Snaresbrook Crown Court

Zayd’s client and others were alleged to have detained and seriously assaulted the complainant with a knife and metal pole causing a fracture of the skull, resulting in life changing injuries. Zayd was able to convince the jury that this was not a case of joint enterprise as the prosecution had alleged. After a period of deliberations, Zayd client was found not guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent and wounding. Zayd was instructed by Shahid Khan of Advicewise solicitors.

Hackney BC v MA - Snaresbrook Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed is Successful in Arguing Thames Magistrates Court was Acting “functus officio” in HMO Licensing Prosecution. Zayd was successful in arguing that Thames magistrates court was acting functus officio, i.e. with no legal standing, in an HMO licensing prosecution. He submitted that the magistrates court had no standing to adjudicate the matter and was acting functus officio. The prosecution incorrectly asked for the case to be remitted from the Crown Court to the magistrates court to rectify a mistake. The prosecution conceded that Zayd’s written argument was correct and his client was subsequently found not guilty. Zayd was instructed by Legit Solicitors

R v SL - Harrow Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed secures acquittal for his client at Harrow Crown Court. His client allegedly conspired with two others to commit a robbery where an imitation firearm was used in a nightclub.  The item stolen being an expensive piece of jewellery. Zayd was able to argue the case having drafted a lengthy and complex defence statements, obtained expert reports and having made submissions to the crown about the weaknesses in their case. The crown, two weeks before the trial, confirmed that they would be offering no evidence against his client and subsequently was found not guilty. Zayd was instructed by Chandrakant Solanki of EBR Attridge.

R v VP - Wood Green Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed Successful in s18 Grievous Bodily Harm Case. Zayd Ahmed, having considered the Crowns case, drafted a detailed basis of plea for a client charged with wounding with intent. It was alleged by the Crown that the defendant, with others, stabbed the complainant unprovoked. This basis of plea resulted in the Crown offering no evidence on the charge of wounding with intent. The client subsequently pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and after thorough mitigation, received a suspended sentence of 18 months. Zayd was instructed by Andreas Yiannaki of Stuart Miller Solicitors.

R v MR - Snaresbrook Crown Court

Zayd Ahmed was instructed in a multi handed case where the defendant had been charged with possession with intent to supply class A and B following a pursuit in east London where drugs were found in the car. Zayd drafted a careful defence statement and made a non defendant bad character application which resulted in the Crown offering no evidence a week before the trial.  The Crown advocate commented “it was down to your persistence and submissions”. Zayd was instructed by Ibrahim Hussain of Londonium solicitors.

R v SA - Central Criminal Court

Zayd was instructed to defend his client who was charged with assault which caused serious injuries including a fractured hand. The complainant alleged that the defendant had punched, kicked , hit him with a metal pole and threatened to stab him with a knife. Zayd was able to illicit numerous inconsistencies in the evidence of the complainant and the eye witnesses. After less than an hour of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. Zayd was instructed by Ibrahim Hussain of Lincolns Solicitors. To instruct Zayd please contact the clerks.

R v AS Northampton Crown

Zayd Ahmed successful in legal argument under s78 of PACE to exclude identification evidence. Zayd Ahmed was instructed on a case at Northampton Crown Court involving multiple serious offences including dangerous driving. Zayd made a successful s78 application on the basis of numerous breaches of the codes of practise under PACE Code D. The Judge allowed the application and excluded the identification evidence. This resulted in the Crown offering no evidence and the defendant was subsequently acquitted of all charges.

R v RA - Luton Crown Court

Zayd successfully defends his client charges with sexual assault. Zayd was able to draw out inconsistencies from the complainants evidence which resulted in the jury unable to be sure of the crowns case.

Zayd has experience in advising individuals on fraud related offences.

Zayd also has experience in acting as a disclosure junior.

Notable Business Crime & Fraud cases

R v F - Wood Green Crown Court

Zayd was instructed to represent the defendant on a money laundering charge.  After a 3 day trial at Wood Green Crown Court, the defendant was not convicted after the jury could not reach a majority verdict after Zayd was able to argue the defendant had an honest belief.

R v A - Isleworth Crown Court

Zayd was instructed to represent the defendant on 3 counts of money laundering where the proceeds had come from criminal acts. The defendant was not convicted after the jury could not reach a majority verdict after Zayd identified weaknesses in the Crowns case.

Zayd has represented individuals in cash forfeiture, detention and POCA proceedings.

Zayd has also been able to vary restraint orders pre trial.

Notable Asset Forfeiture & Civil Recovery cases

Cardiff University Competent March 2020

Magistrates Court Qualification (Duty Solicitor)

BPP Very Competent September 2016 – September 2017

Sussex University LLM Merit September 2015 – September 2016

Sussex University LLB 2:1 September 2012 – July 2016

First generation scholar

Middle temple access to bar scholar

Sussex university excellence scholar

Chair of Young Criminal Bar Association

Elected Member of Bar Council

Junior Junior – Government legal Panel

CPS Level 1 panel member

Bar Council social mobility advocate

Duty Solicitor  – Solicitors regulation authority

Criminal litigation accreditation

Direct access qualified

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