Tom Edwards

Call 2008

Successful in some of the most difficult cases and a natural jury advocate.

"Tom is intelligent and articulate, able to communicate with the most difficult of clients. He provides robust advice and advocacy in the most challenging of cases."

Legal 500 2022


Tom has conducted a number of cases involving gangs and organised criminal groups. Tom has experience of cases investigated by the National Crime Agency, Trident, The Flying Squad and Territorial Support Group. Tom prides himself on his tactical approach and sound judgment on the evidence. Tom has dealt with cases of murder, attempted murder, firearms and other offences of the utmost seriousness. Tom has also acted as lead junior in homicide cases.

Tom has acted in some of the largest drugs conspiracies prosecuted Nationwide. Tom recently defended an individual prosecuted after EncroChat messages revealed him to be couriering drugs in Hertfordshire. Tom defended the third defendant in what has been described as the largest conspiracy involving the Chemsex Scene in the country. Tom’s attention to detail mean that he is particularly adept at deploying material to maximise its effectiveness whether from telephones, surveillance or other sources.

Tom has also conducted a number of cases of rape, serious sexual assault and other sexual offences. He has a measured approach with complainants that is sensitive but effective and has questioned witnesses dependent on intermediaries and from professional backgrounds. Tom is acutely aware of the sensitivities that surround this area of the law and has an ability to put clients at ease when facing serious allegations.  Tom has also had significant success in cases of domestic violence where Tom’s careful but probing questioning have been used to high effect.

Notable Crime cases

R v ME and others Preston Crown Court

Murder – Tom acted as junior lead by Queen’s Counsel. Tom worked tirelessly throughout with particular input in taking the defendant’s instructions in advance of giving evidence. This was a delicate area as he knew who the stabber was but was not prepared to name him. Tom was alive to the potential for a cut-throat to develop and helped steer the defendant through this difficult aspect of the trial.

R v GL Inner London Crown Court

Murder – Tom acted as junior to Queen’s Counsel in a case where the defendant suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Tom was a key part in the preparation of the case, drafting advices relating to the expert and acting alone at almost all of the pre-trial hearings.

R v PU Isleworth Crown Court

Attempted murder. Tom’s client was less than a foot away from the shooter who fired at point blank range causing life threatening injuries to the complainant’. The case involved cell site analysis of the day’s movements of each defendant. Tom cross-examined the expert to demonstrate his client was not co-locating with his co-defendants throughout the day. Tom’s client was unanimously acquitted.

R v BAB and others Central Criminal Court

Attempted Muder. A revenge shooting. The case involved allegations and counter-allegations of gang involvement, use of weapons and violence in a case involving a drugs background. The case had an array of legal issues including hearsay of a 999 call where the caller did not want to be named, bad character (defendant and non-defednant). Tom’s client alleged he was fitted up by the people who he claimed fired at him some days before the shooting. The case was prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel.

R v JG Luton Crown Court

Attempted murder. An unusual multiple stabbing by the defendant of his cousin. The case involved parties who were heavily intoxicated and using drugs. The defendant accepted causing GBH but denied attempted murder.

R v AS Harrow Crown Court

Attempted murder. Gangland violence involving two stabbings to the neck in order enforce territory for the control of the supply of drugs. The two offences were some months apart, the defendant having not been apprehended. Tom’s client was acquitted of attempted murder but convicted of two offences of causing GBH with intent. Tom was complemented by the Court of Appeal in the appeal against sentence.

R v GU and others Wood Green Crown Court

Tom secured the only acquittal in an acid attack committed in Hackney. Following the acquittal for applying a corrosive substance the jury could not reach a verdict on whether GU was guilty of committing GBH with intent. The Crown did not seek a retrial given the other convictions. The main offender received a sentence of seventeen years. The case involved painstaking levels of detailed CCTV analysis.

R v BS Inner London Crown Court

Leading junior. A large-scale conspiracy to supply drugs of all types lasting three-months. The case involved over 80,000 pages of evidence and involved a highly sophisticated operation. The case involved weighty phone evidence, cell-site, surveillance and ‘cut-throat’ defences. During the trial Tom successfully argued that a huge tranche of incriminating phone evidence should be excluded under s.78 of PACE. The case was prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel.

R v JH Swindon Crown Court

Acquittal for conspiracy to supply class A. Tom adduced a confession from a co-defendant (who refused to attend court) via the hearsay provisions. Tom also cross-examined the drugs expert to the extent that he agreed with the range of prices for drugs as suggested by the defence and significantly undermined his expertise.

R v SA Swindon Crown Court

Prosecution offered no evidence after an abandoned trial. Tom’s client claimed he acted under duress but would not name the person threatening him. Tom’s discussions with the Prosecution lead to that man’s identity being uncovered, revealing him to have control of the drugs line, having been convicted of being the ringleader of a major county lines conspiracy where pictures were found of him posing with firearms.

R v MB Wood Green Crown Court

Conspriacy to supply class A. Tom’s client was acquitted having successfully advanced the defence of duress. Dogged efforts in disclosure meant that key evidence of the duress could be advanced. This resulted in disclosure which included an Osman notice, a 999 recording of a knife attack and attacks on the defendant’s home were.

R v JY Aylesbury Crown Court

Rape, trial and retrial following a hung jury. Case involved cross-examination on sexual history as well as cross-examination of an expert on genital injuries.

R v AK Guildford Crown Court

Complainant was a vulnerable witness. This involved two sexual assaults in the work place. Having not acted in the first trial Tom secured a second hung jury leading to the defendant’s acquittal

R v MH Woolwich Crown Court

Privately instructed defence of an Uber driver alleged to have groped a female employee of a major City Insurance firm. Defendant found not guilty.

R v YQ Blackfriars Crown Court

Another allegation against an Uber driver. The prosecution dropped the case following disclosure of text messages sent by the complainant revealed that she may have consented to kissing the driver.

R v JM Reading Crown Court

Domestic GBH with intent (s.18). Acquittal where defence was that the complainant’s tooth was broken by accident. Tom’s refusal to relent on accepting a statement from a doctor who had not examined the complainant meant that the Crown could not rely on a suspected fracture to the eye-socket, a key plank of their case.

Tom has acted on a number of complex, high-value fraud and money-laundering cases. Tom has an acute mind and spots issues at an early stage. For example in a recent case Tom correctly identified a co-defendant’s handwriting where he had signed under a pseudonym. An expert confirmed Tom’s suspicions and this was used to devastating effect at trial. Tom has an eye for detail and a solid grasp of numbers that make him well-suited to cases of this nature. Tom has acted in cases involving millions of pounds and thousands of pages of evidence, often with great success.

Notable Business Crime & Fraud cases

R v DA Southwark Crown Court

Acquittal of man alleged to have acted as a “mule-herder” in laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds following a two million pound fraud on Wester Ross Fisheries. Tom Called his client who gave evidence of other laundering offences he was involved in, claiming main offence alleged was merely bragging.

R v PV Southwark Crown Court

Tom acted alone for the third defendant in a seven-week CGT fraud valued at over £1.5million. The case involved a direct conflict between Tom’s client and the co-defendant leading to a hostile cut-throat between the two. Tom advised mid-case on standing on an ID parade and detailed cross-examination on client ledgers, bank accounts and conveyancing files. Tom’s client was acquitted, the co-defendant was not.

R v DK and JR Central Criminal Court

A four-week private money laundering case where Tom acted as junior to two defendants lead by Queens Counsel. The case was reported across the national press.

R v HM and others Cambridge Crown Court

Four-week money laundering trial instructed as junior alone representing the partner of a drug dealer alleged to have disposed of thousands of pounds in cash on lavish items such as cars, jewellery and expensive holidays. Tom’s cross-examination of the financial expert meant that the Crown had to concede that the overall figure alleged to have been laundered was significantly lower than originally claimed by the Prosecution.

Tom has experience in delivering specialist representation in a range of criminal regulatory cases, including health and safety, environmental agency and local authority prosecutions.

Tom is regularly instructed in public law proceedings, such as inquests, inquiries and judicial reviews.

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