Stephanie Panchkowry

Call 2011

“You are one of those people who never gets convicted. No idea how you do it. You just have an aura of acquittal about you.”

“You are on fire! Amazing, exceptional work.”

“Outstanding cross-examination.”

“Exceptional work”

“Outstanding results. Wonders never cease!”


Stephanie’s practice is solely criminal defence, involving conspiracies, firearm offences, serious drug and violent offences, as well as dishonesty offences.

Notable Crime cases

R v NM (2024) Wood Green Crown Court

Defendant found not guilty of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, successfully advancing the defence of modern slavery in spite of the client’s refusal to cooperate with the Single Competent Authority.

R v JH (2024) Snaresbrook Crown Court

Client acquitted of attempted murder and associated offences, including firearms. The defendant was alleged, along with others, to have planned to kill a rival gang member. The planning was captured on bundles of messages on the days preceding and on the day of the incident. The group then attended a busy town centre, armed with machetes, to carry out the attack. CCTV captured their movements and part of the attack where the rival was left severely injured. In the days after, the defendant confessed to his involvement and admitted that he was a gang member. The defendant was further alleged to conspire with others to possess a firearm and cause someone grievous bodily harm with intent. Hundreds of messages were found discussing firearms and serious violence.

R v JH (2023 - 2024) Ipswich Crown Court

Led by Chris Henley KC in a murder trial lasting 6 weeks.  The case involved a teenager charged with murder. JH, then 17, was alleged to have been part of an ambush of a rival gang member in Ipswich town centre in the middle of the afternoon. The prosecution case relied on extensive CCTV footage (including the stabbing itself), cell site and call data evidence, vehicle tracker data, and alleged confession evidence.


R v YG (2023) Snaresbrook Crown Court

Stephanie represented D1 in a multi-handed kidnap where the complainant was alleged to have been taken from his home address and bundled into a car, after being punched in the head whilst being dragged along the road. All captured on CCTV and ring doorbell footage. A member of the public saw the incident and called the police. The car was stopped by the police; the complainant was found injured in the middle of two males in the back of the car. All four defendants were unanimously acquitted.

R v JA (2023) Central Criminal Court

Stephanie was led by Alan Kent KC in a case in which the defendant was acquitted of murder; he was accused with 3 others of murder and violent disorder.

This was thought to be a revenge attack on the deceased after he had allegedly stabbed JA. JA was accused of setting up the deceased in revenge by luring him to the scene of the attack by communicating with him by phone and leading him to the scene where the other defendants then lead him into a mews where he was set upon and fatally stabbed by a group of others, armed with knives.

Telephone evidence was relied on to demonstrate the planning of the attack. There was clear CCTV footage evidencing the attack, along with the defendant’s movements before and after the incident.

All defendants were part of a gang and had convictions for violence, drugs, and weapons. Applications were made to adduce evidence of gang association and bad character.

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R v JW & others (2022) Hove Crown Court

Acquitted of affray in a trial involving an allegation of manslaughter against two co-defendants involved in the same incident, dating back to 2017. Defendant was alleged to have been involved in a car rage event where he pursued the co-defendants and exited his vehicle waving a baseball ball at the co-defendants. Whilst he accepted he had a baseball bat in his possession, he denied waving it about and instead argued that he was simply defending himself. The male who was in the car with the defendant was alleged to have been subsequently pursued by the co-defendants who were said to have beaten him with weapons. He died but due to his complicated medical condition, expert evidence raised sufficient doubt on whether he died due to the alleged assault or due to the entire incident and particularly, the car chase which could have put sufficient stress on him causing his death. The issue of causation (what was the causative link to the death) ultimately lead to successful half time submissions in respect of the co-defendants relating to the manslaughter allegation.

R v AW & others (2022) Chelmsford Crown Court

Acquitted of s.18 ABH where defendant was alleged to have been involved in a street fight where he and the co-defendants were described by the complainant as punching and kicking him to the body, head, and face. The co-defendant was in possession of a meat cleaver attacking the complainant with stabbing downward motions connecting to his body. The defendant was described as the ringleader, standing over the complainant by his head and kicking him and then went on to stamp on one of the complainant’s arms, causing it to break. The case was brought on a joint enterprise basis. One of the co-defendants pleaded prior to the trial and the other co-defendant was convicted.

R v JS (2021) Lewes Crown Court

JS was acquitted of aggravated burglary. After effective cross-examination of the complainant, the Crown offered no further evidence. JS was alleged to enter the complainant’s property in the middle of the night, headbutting him to gain access, whilst holding a machete and hammer and making threats to his life. Co-defendant entered behind and routed through the property. JS positively identified in an ID parade. Positive DNA match on a blood stain on a couple of business cards alleged to be handed to the complainant on leaving the property, along with a DNA match on a breathing matching brought into and left in the property.

R v LT & others [2020 – 2021] Croydon Crown Court

Stephanie was led in a serious drugs conspiracy case, involving the supply of kilos of Class A and B drugs. She represented the “controlling mind” of an organised criminal network. The evidence largely centred around audio evidence obtained through a probe installed in the car of one of the co-defendants.

R v WH [2020] Southwark Crown Court

Defendant found not guilty at re-trial in a multi-handed knife-point robbery of a Bentley worth £280,000. DNA evidence matching the defendant was located on various parts of the Bentley and the defendant had a previous conviction for conspiracy to commit robbery.

R v CT & others [2019 – 2020] Kingston Crown Court

Stephanie represented one of the defendants in a multi-handed, high-profile conspiracy to commit robbery of £4.1m of jewellery. The defendant was part of a professional gang that planned the robbery of a Le Vian sales representative. Sustained violence was used causing long term physical and psychological effects to the victim. The trial lasted 8 weeks.

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  • 2011-2012 – LL.M International Commercial Litigation – UCL
  • 2010-2011 – BPTC – College of Law
  • 2007-2010 – First Class LL.B (Hons), Law with Business – University of Brighton – (Criminal law 83%)

  • Criminal Bar Association

  • Cholmeley Studentship Scholarship
  • Full Lord Denning Scholarship
  • Hardwicke Entrance Award
  • Board of Governors Scholarship, University of Brighton
  • Award for Best Second Year LL.B (Hons) Law with Business student, University of Brighton
  • Award for Best First Year Undergraduate in Public Law, University of Brighton
  • Advanced Award for Critical Thinking

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