Alexandra Scott

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“She is always very well prepared and indomitably determined to fight her client’s corner”

Legal 500 2022

“Alexandra has excellent judgement, relates well to clients, and demonstrates very good and detailed knowledge of the law”

Legal 500 2022

“exceptional”, possessing “composure, strategy and advocacy skills … far beyond her years of call”



Alexandra’s criminal practice encompasses organised crime, serious violence and sexual offences.

Equally adept at dealing with complex telephonic data as she is cross-examining witnesses, Alexandra has defended in serious, high-profile cases including cocaine importation, brothel keeping and firearms conspiracies.  She takes a tactical approach to multi-handed cases, and understands the nuances of organised crime.

Alexandra is ranked as a Leading Junior in Crime in the Legal 500 2022.

Notable Crime cases

R v C [2022] Norwich Crown Court

Defending a woman charged with drugs conspiracies arising out of an Encrochat investigation.

R v T [2021] Warwick Crown Court Operation Crossfeed

Led by James Tilbury, representing a young man accused of kidnap and perverting the course of justice following the stabbing of two members of a rival gang by an associate.

R v F [2021] Derby Crown Court

Secured an acquittal for an offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, successfully advancing the defence that he had not intended to cause serious harm, and that he was not acting in concert with the other defendant, who was convicted.

R v L [2021] Isleworth Crown Court

Represented the first of four defendants facing an allegation of gang rape, in a trial that involved scrutiny of significant amounts of medical evidence and CCTV.

R v G [2021] Inner London Crown Court

Acquittal secured for a man in his seventies charged with exposure, relying on expert evidence from a urologist as to the impact of the medication he was taking at the time.

R v C [2021] Harrow Crown Court

Written representations in conjunction with reports from two psychiatrists and a psychologist persuaded the Crown that it was not in the public interest to proceed with a trial of issue against her vulnerable client, who faced an allegation of false imprisonment as part of a wider conspiracy to kidnap and blackmail a teenager.

R v G [2021] Reading Crown Court Operation Lithuania

Instructed to represent a defendant accused of encouraging or assisting an offender in relation to offences of false imprisonment and blackmail stemming from a large county lines conspiracy. My London News (

R v R [2021] St Albans Crown Court Operation Amang

Conspiracy to steal count stayed following a successful abuse of process argument brought on the basis that to allow the matter to proceed would be an affront to justice.

R v S [2020] Cardiff Crown Court

Operation Jackdaw 2 – Appeared for a vulnerable defendant charged as part of a drugs conspiracy valued at £16 million, securing a suspended sentence.

R v Z [2020] Wood Green Crown Court

Operation Emohawk – A case involving drugs and the illegal sex trade, led by Richard Furlong. Defendant charged with two conspiracies. Drafted the successful submission of ‘no case to answer’ on the conspiracy to run a brothel count; client found not guilty by the jury on the drugs conspiracy.

R v G [2019] Stafford Crown Court

Operation Bell – Represented a young woman in a ‘County Lines’ drugs conspiracy, defendant acquitted of the conspiracy.

R v D [2019] Isleworth Crown Court

Operation Mandebras – Complex trial involving multiple conspiracies to facilitate immigration offences, led by James Tilbury.

R v D [2019] Basildon Crown Court

Acquittal secured for a vulnerable young man facing an allegation of rape, an intermediary being required for his evidence. The case involved cross-examination of two children and analysis of a large amount of phone contact, cross-referencing calls and text messages to demonstrate that it was actually the complainant instigating contact.

R v P [2019] Derby Crown Court

Defendant accused of rape, sexual assault, and coercive and controlling behaviour. Successfully applied to adduce the bad character of the complainant and secured ‘not guilty’ verdicts at the end of the three-week trial. This was despite text messages in evidence which appeared to amount to a confession.

R v X [2019] Woolwich Crown Court

Deftly avoided a potential ‘cut-throat’ to secure ‘not guilty’ verdicts for a promising young footballer who was the first of five young defendants prosecuted for a joint enterprise stabbing that took place in broad daylight in a residential street, in spite of the complainant identifying her client as the man with the knife, and the Crown’s assertion that he could be seen holding a knife on CCTV footage of the defendants fleeing the scene.

R v T [2018] Reading Crown Court

Defendant acquitted of sexual assault and grievous bodily harm in a case which required cross-examination of five civilian witnesses.

R v H [2018] Manchester Crown Court

Crown compelled to offer no evidence in a multi-handed violent disorder, following the service of a s.78 argument to exclude the identification evidence at the start of the trial.

R v N [2017] Lewes Crown Court

Rape allegation. Successful applications to adduce the complainant’s sexual history and bad character. ‘Not guilty’ verdict secured in spite of lies told at interview.

R v D [2017] Lewes Crown Court

Led by Colin Aylott QC in a multi-handed case relating to an allegation of murder and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

R v Qosja [2017] 1 Cr App. R. 17

Point of law taken at first instance and on appeal – with leave – as to the immediacy of fear of violence requisite to make out a section 4A offence of stalking (discussed here)

R v K [2016] Harrow Crown Court

Represented a young man of good character accused of causing grievous bodily harm by breaking the complainant’s leg; acquittal secured on the basis of self-defence, relying on the evidence of a defence expert pathologist as to the nature of the fracture.

R v Raduca [2015] EWCA Crim 279

Sentence for a string of dwelling burglaries reduced on appeal.

R v C [2015] Central Criminal Court

Operation Namix – Importation of semi-automatic firearms. The case involved the defence of duress and ongoing disclosure of large amounts of phone data throughout the trial, led by Richard Button.

R v F [2014] Manchester Crown Court

Led by Chris Henley, successfully opposed the first forfeiture application made under s. 23 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Alexandra has a strong practice in financial crime. Able to deal with cases of significant volume and complexity, she has a thorough grasp of the detailed transactional material involved in this area. She acts as a junior alone and led junior.

Alexandra is ranked as a Leading Junior in Fraud: Crime in the Legal 500 2022.

Notable Business Crime & Fraud cases

R v R [2022] Inner London Crown Court

Currently instructed in a large multi-transactional money laundering conspiracy due to be tried next year.

R v B [2021] Snaresbrook Crown Court

Representing one of four defendants prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud arising out of a Trading Standards investigation.

R v S [2021] Southwark

Secured a suspended sentence for a woman charged with transferring criminal property in excess of £250,000.

R v S [2021] Worcester Crown Court

Operation Panga – Represented the first defendant in a sophisticated courier scam which involved impersonating police officers

R v B [2019] Central Criminal Court & Birmingham Crown Court

Operation Vanilla – Led junior in a Carbon Credits boiler room fraud valued at £6.2m involving over 10,000 pages of evidence and a nuanced bad character argument – acquitted of the conspiracy and Serious Crime Prevention Order application successfully resisted.

R v G [2018] Reading Crown Court

Operation Salvage – Led junior in a multi-handed ‘crash for cash’ fraud said to be worth £8m, securing a short sentence after trial, the Judge accepting that the defendant’s role was lesser, contrary to the submissions of the Crown.

R v C [2018] Hull Crown Court

Operation Accordion – Led junior in a case involving multiple mortgage fraud conspiracies.

R v C [2016] Lewes Crown Court

Instructed to represent the second of six defendants charged with offences of money laundering, running the defence that the money was in fact legitimate. This involved in-depth analysis of the movement of money over a long indictment period. Not guilty verdict.

R v W [2016] Cardiff Crown Court

Successfully represented an eighty-year-old woman charged with money laundering arising out of a theft committed against Cardiff Council. Trial involved complex arguments on character. Bad character application successfully opposed and Judge persuaded to give a Good Character direction instead. Client acquitted.

Alexandra’s regulatory practice encompasses defending in Health and Safety Prosecutions, and offences under the Housing Act prosecuted by Local Authorities.

She has experience of representing both companies and company directors charged with offences prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.

She has also conducted licencing appeals.

Notable Criminal Regulatory cases

DC v G, S & S [2019] Sheffield Crown Court

Represented the company and both directors initially facing an indictment containing ten counts under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all relating to a defective floorboard at a retail premises which led to a customer sustaining an injury. Acceptable pleas were negotiated to the section 3 offences for the company and one of the directors, securing financial penalties for both.

SBC v D [2019] Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court

Instructed to represent a landlord charged with breaches of Regulation 4 (Duty of manager to take safety measures) of the Management of Houses of Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006, in relation to a failure to ensure that all means of escape from fire are clear and accessible.

BCC v A [2016] Aylesbury Crown Court

Represented one of two defendants charged with nine offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

TFL v A [2016] City of London Magistrates’ Court

Represented a taxi driver appealing TFL’s decision not to renew his PHV licence following his failure both to disclose a conviction and subsequent driving disqualification within the requisite 21 days and to mention it when he renewed his application.

BCC v W [2015] Reading Crown Court

Case involved offences of depositing a controlled waste and failing to prevent a contravention of s.33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the allegation being that commercial waste was deposited on land not subject to an environmental permit. The defendant was acquitted of the second count.

WBC v P [2015] Redhill Magistrates’ Court

Defendant faced six charges, four breaches of the Management of Houses of Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006 and two related counts of fraud. Acceptable pleas negotiated and a financial penalty imposed.

She regularly acts in cash forfeiture hearings and has extensive experience of confiscation proceedings, both led and as a junior alone.

Notable Asset Forfeiture & Civil Recovery cases

R v D [2021] Derby Crown Court

Represented the first of two defendants in contested confiscation proceedings, a company director who had been convicted of fraud including false invoices, successfully avoiding a hidden assets finding and securing an available amount limited to the cash funds seized during the course of the investigation.

R v A [2021] Nottingham Crown Court

Instructed for a complicated confiscation with issues over the extent of the particular benefit and general conduct, and well as an argument over hidden assets.

R v F [2020] Winchester Crown Court

Successful application under section 23 POCA 2003 for a certificate of inadequacy in circumstances where the applicant’s property portfolio had in aggregate fallen into negative equity, the Crown initially contesting the applicant’s assertion that he was unable to realise the equity from the few individual properties that had retained their value.

R v B [2020] Birmingham Crown Court

Led junior on a confiscation valued at £6.8m; avoided a finding of hidden assets.

R v A [2019] Horsham Magistrates’ Court

Represented the respondent in a cash forfeiture application

R v S [2018] Kingston Crown Court

Represented the defendant at a contested confiscation involving Bitcoins, managing to reduce the benefit to reflect the client’s legitimate income.

R v F [2016] Southwark Crown Court

Led by Peter Corrigan for a confiscation hearing arising following conviction for a fraud valued in excess of £1.2m; written submissions ahead of the final hearing persuaded the Crown to accept that the available amount was £1.

  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2.1) BA (Hons) Oxon

  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association;
  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association;
  • Female Fraud Forum;
  • Women in Criminal Law;
  • Criminal Bar Association.

  • Pupil Supervisor
  • Mentoring through Inner Temple and Bridging the Bar

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